How To Convert A Courtyard Into A Garden?

When you live in the city, on the ground floor of a building or in a townhouse, it is more often a question of a yard rather than a garden. Surrounded by walls or living quarters, the yard can be a pretty dismal place if you can’t find a way to fit it out. Some people prefer to stay in a place poor in plants, emphasizing a comfortable terrace arrangement. Others will want to convert the yard into a successful garden. How to transform a courtyard into a garden? We give you all our advice.

A layout that depends on traffic

A courtyard can often be a place of passage, so it is located between your entrance and the street. In this case, it will be necessary to convert the courtyard into a garden so that nothing hinders your circulation or car parking.

Other courtyards, more practical to set up as a garden, are located behind your home. In this case, the layout is simplified and can take on the appearance of a real garden. We will generally talk about developing a city garden.

Finally, the courses are also present in the countryside, in the farm buildings. The buildings often taking the shape of U or L allow the development of a beautiful courtyard. It then becomes both a place of passage and relaxation, depending on the desired transformation.

The art of choosing the right material

The flooring for your garden yard will depend on the main activity of the yard. This is located in the entrance, which is intended for parking and daily passage; it will be necessary to think of a practical coating for its comings and goings. A non-slip floor, easy to maintain, and of course, aesthetic.

Thus, we will forget the very trends not Japanese, practical for a side aisle, or wood, which requires too much maintenance.

Preferably decorative concrete, pavers, or slabs.

Before setting up your yard, define the space.

Who says garden courtyard? Says reduced space. Therefore, it is important to delimit the different areas of your yard: driveway, relaxation area, dining area, games area, etc. This delimitation will allow you to choose the different materials that will make up your garden courtyard.

To give more depth to your arrangement, it is sometimes interesting to create different levels. It can be high planters for plants or create a small raised terrace for the dining area. This variation in level will give the impression of a larger garden courtyard. Another tip is to prefer materials with light shades, which will bring more brightness to your exterior and your interior.

How to hide from others?

When setting up a garden courtyard, you have to think about the opposite, especially if the courtyard is on the ground floor. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips to prevent neighbors on the upper floors from having a bird’ eye view of your day-to-day life. Shade cloth, vegetated pergola, awnings…. There is no lack of equipment to hide from others while enjoying good sunshine.

There may be other things to hide in your backyard. These can be trash cans, bicycles, gardening tools. Therefore, it will be necessary to think about the purchase or construction of a dedicated garden shed so that your garden yard is always impeccable.

As for the walls that surround your garden, do not hesitate to arrange them to give more shine to your exterior. Changing the plaster to bring a facelift or to accentuate one wall rather than another, create a green wall, or even hang decorative elements are all possibilities to adorn your walls.

How to plant in a garden yard?

Everything here will depend on the space you have. Some garden yards are large enough to create earth beds capable of accommodating trees, shrubs, and flowers. For a garden yard of reduced size, we prefer creating custom-made containers for planting or the purchase of individual pots.

Choices that will have to be made according to the desired kitchen layout style will also have to comply with rules. Planting your plants should not interfere with good circulation in your yard. Thus, prefer the installation of plants around the perimeter of your garden courtyard, near the walls.

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